Sunday, October 31, 2010

 When I see myself during these times
I feel that I really am young
Even with you in front of me
I don’t know what to do
To the people who are in love
Please tell me how you started to love
 Will the day I hold her hand ever come?
 Will the day I kiss her above her closed eyes also come?
 Hello, hello
 I brought up the courage
 Hello, hello
 I want to talk to you for a moment
 Hello, hello
 I may be rushing a bit
 Who knows? We might
 End up doing well
 Whether I should approach you
Or wait a little longer
 With everyone saying different things
Makes it much harder ( You might not believe me)
She has higher standards than she seems
This kind of thing is uncommon for me
Please believe what I say
 Will the day I casually hold her come?
 I believe everything will turn out the way you think it will
 Hello, hello
 I brought up the courage
 Hello, hello
 I want to talk to you for a moment
 Hello, hello
 I may be rushing a bit
 Who knows? We might
 Oh yeah
It’s not my first time to be honest
I’ve loved and broken up before
But it’s hard, please believe these words
 You are different
 Hello, hello
 I’ll bet my all this time
 Hello, hello
 Ooh yeah, baby baby baby girl
 Hello, hello
 I don’t know how you feel right now
 Who knows? We might
 Hello, hello
Hello, hello
Please give me a chance
 Hello, hello
 I don’t know how you feel right now
Who knows? Two of us
 Might be destiny
 Hello, the times I spent by your side
Can no more compare to any other happiness
I can’t express myself to you
My heart wants all of you, never let you go
If this is love, I’ll never let it go
Who knows? The two of us)
 Hello, hello

the nice song from SHINEE...
love the to

Saturday, October 30, 2010

when it comes...

bile cinta dtg dlam diri kite..kite msti rse world in our hands..llgi lau yg dpat cinte dri llaki idamn wanita.mcm2 bnde sweet yg jdi.well, love is sweet.
but, when we ready yo be loved we ready to be hurt.
ni ayt bgi org cam ak..siyesly,dlm hidop ak, ak x dbesarkn dlm golongn org yg happily married bgi ak love is such a crap that will make us happy and suffer.
ayt cam ak ni anti gile ngn mushy-thing they called far ak brani ckap yg ak lom jmpe ag a right person whom i can called he is the one n the love of my life.ok.i am kinda think that my life is a bit pathetic there.tpi so far ak xpernh kesah ag.tpi cam bhong lak lau ak ckap ak mmg xpenah kesah kn.
as a girl, sape yg xnk kapel.

so far, ak blom pernh lgi rse jeles,rse tkot hilang pakwe,rse blur bile die mrah,rse kusut bile gdoh ngn pakwe..rse hdop mmg gile blur r..
ye ak blom pernh feel that way.i used to date before.tpi lom ad ag yg dpt wat ak rse cmtu.kkdg ak pon xtau ap yg ak cri in a man.
what is man suppose to be in my life???
ak amat ske tgk cite korea, n ak ni mmg kuat gak lyan romantic comedy.sweet story line.n pastu ak akn ckap yg ak nk mamt cam dlam cite tu as my boyfren.sbab ak ske tgk sifat die.n scare konklusinye ak mmg slalu terjtuh hati ngn gmbo je.

well, nmpk cam ak ni kuat brangan kan?org yg xpernh tied to far hidop cmni jdi plihn ak.sbab potensi tok rse kecewa o mengecewakn org tu amat tpis.ak tau ak spe n ak tau yg ak mmg xbleh nk expect anything in return in these kind of life.the path that we choose shows how we want to live our life.
after ap yg prnh ak jmpe stakat ni, ak prefer hdop cmni.ak rse ak slamat dlam kurungan ak sndiri.

so when time comes is 
when the times i dont need the shield to cover me in this challenging world anymore.
when i found another shield that guarantee a warm and safe place for me.
when someone accepting not only me but myself.
when someone know why i laugh.
when someone never ask me to change but always be the reason why i need to change.
when someone never say 'I love U' but the one that always taught me what LOVE is.
when someone never give me present but always be my present.
love is when it come to u, u just know it.
rules and regulation is not valid in love.
there is no term and condition.

simple but yet it is complicated.

to the person who in love..u r in good condition now.n ak amat respek korg sbab korg amt brani amek rsiko dalm hdop korg.ak just hope yg one day ak akn jdi org cm korg.yg stand as a brave person.korg mmg let someone enter my life bkan snang.there is another side of me yg ak lom pasti ag nk open to another person.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The thought of this is killing me, it's been on my mind.
Can't believe it's been right here after all this time.
And even though I love you I can't seem to find someone who cares the way you do
You know, I love the way we're always been nothing more than friends.
So why do I give every man the stand up.
Thought I was over this but once again I'm comparing you to him.
And I find that there's no you in him at matters

Boy even though your my bestfriend
I can't help it whenever I compare you to him
It's like I always do this
With every single man
And I hate that I can't find someone whos worth my time
Just like my bestfriend.

And I know you hear me say this all the time
I don't do relationships cause I'm on my grind.
But see your part of this
Because I just can't find someone who knows me like you do

Always brought out the good in me
Don't know just what you see,
Whatever it is, no other guy has even tried.
Remember when you left one day and turned around to say "your my bestfriend"
And right there you made me cry.

Even though your my bestfriend
I can't help it whenever I compare you to him
It's like I always do this
With every single man
And I hate that I can't find someone whos worth my time
Just like my bestfriend.

I'm trying to let you know
A part of me just can't let this go
Never had a friend, one who understands
With you it felt so free
I don't know whatchu did.
But I know whatever it is
I'm so thankful for you
I'm so grateful for you

Even though the things I told you...

just hope we remain the same as always...

love u all as always...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

something about love

are u in love...???
are u facing a big problem in ur love life???
do u good at math????

what is the relation with math n love life???
there is a connection between that...

there are many complex 'equation' that u need to solve in love
u need to have a good math skill to solve the equation.

the equation is the situation when u have some kind of misunderstanding with ur love just so complex..u need to figure out..the source..the way to solve it..and sometimes..when u can solve it..u become more stress n u wish how to get over it very deeply..

since..u r good at math..u must not have a problem to solve such that simple algebraic equation..but when it comes to matter how good u r at math..when it comes to love u will have a problem with the 'love equation' if u dont have a strong basic of 'trust skill'.it is the key of a relationship.


ur math skill is worthless in 'love equation', if u have a lack of 'trust basic' in love.u cannot solve the complex 'love equation' just by using ur good skill at math..
math in love is just more complicated than it suppose to be in real life.
many skillful person in math lose when it comes to solve the love math...

in love..

1+1 is not equal to 2..but it equal to forever..the basic of the equation is trust n love..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

weekend cre ak

heyya weeky!!!
weekend ak berjlan cam biase..just that weekend ni ak follow program klab koko ak...KHIDMAT MASYARAKAT!!!!
slame ni ak pon plik nape every year ad je dak2 u kat segamat tu dtg kg ak...n t ad r family kat kg ak yg amek dorg jdi ank angkat...rupe2 nye kat u mmg ad stu klab koko...khidmat tiap2 sem u akn sponsored kitorg yg join klab kitorg stay kat stu kg tu n wat program tok org kg ak...kitorg kne wat xtvt yg berdasarkn pendidikan tok dak2 kg yg bkal amek UPSR thun dpan....n ad family yg jdikn kitorg ank angkat dorg....ak pon dpt fmily r!!!!org kg ky sni mmg sporting r...thumbs up!!! for the whole event ak mmg rse sronok...first time ak enjoy ngn xtvt kt u wat mse mmg ad blast weekend r...

then mnggu ni ak da mmg fall in love ngn SHINEE....
group ni mmg comey n best..ak tgk stu show...SHINEE HELLO BABY...
dorg cute gile...dorg kne jge baby Yoogeun...cute tol dak tu...
so meh ak introduce ckit psal dorg..ak tgh addict ni...
yg ni nme die ONEW APPA

yg ni plak....MINHO APPA

yg ni plak...JONGHYUN APPA

yg ni honey..huhuhu..oopps..KEY APPA

ni baby appa...TAEMIN APPA

siyesly cite ni sgt cute....umo dak2 ni x la beso mne pon...pling tue 21 thun..klaka bile tgk dorg kne lyan krenah bdak2....n dorg mmg mncuri ati org2 yg mnat kt dorg sbab dorg dpt reflect image as a good father to a baby...hahahahahahaha

happy family shining shinee

Saturday, October 9, 2010

entry yg terhasil sbab kebengangan


arini ak nk wat carta things that make me annoying for the whole week..
here the chart..

no. 5 

smestinya assignment yg gile pnye mlmbak.yg jdi msalah utame ak skang bile assignment tu group assignment. ok, bkn ak nk berlgak ke ap yg ak bley buat keje sorg2..ak xnafikan yg group is good..tpi bile ad dak group yg prngai mmg thap ak x la mmat ni mmg mndtgkn kmarahn ak la week ni....firstly..die da la wat dunno je ngn part keje die..pastu keje mmbute je kt bilik tu...surh trun sbab nk siapkn slide pon xdtg...pastu leh lak wat dunno...mmg mmnaskn ak...bile tnye bile mse yg die free..die jwab "eh, ak xkesah..bile2 pon bley". ayt mmg nk mkn pnyepak...


ni lgi stu bnde yg pling ak bosn.kkrngn bhan hburan kat dlam bilik.aish..mmg agk mntensionkn hidop gak..bkn ap..ak ni mmg jnis yg prlukan something yg bleh wat ak ad smangt nk wat ak kkrungan sbab ak nk kne berjge pon sbab ak mlas nk study..yg ni ak pham lau ad yg x pham..sbab ak pon xpham...

no 3

blik yg mmng bersepah...

no. 2

stu ag prangai yg ak krg nk tolerate bile smpai pde thap super annoying kat ak bile someone yg krg responsible kat dlm dri die..

no. 1

bile ak terjmpe jantan snagl yg pernh hidop.....ko da clash ngn membe ak da r kan..xperlu nk post kt fb yg mnunjukkkn btape bncinye ko ngn die...c'mon r bro..da la clash psal bnde yg mmg thap bngkai..wei bro ...lau ko tu pon cam setan ko xkn dpat la org yg bek cam angel..apepon cermin diri tu ko bgos n x pernh wat silp....ko  xsbaek mne bile ko jtohkn mruah sorg pompuan yg prnh korg syg kat org lain....mmg pompuan tu bdo sbab pernh trime ko kat dlm hdup..tpi ko ag bdoh sbab cmne la ko yg baik sgt tu bley terplih pompuan yg camtu..ko yg hine die bkn2..tpi dulu ko gak yg tergila2kn die...GTH r mgkok...

mnggu pnoh emosi...lega ak...

Monday, October 4, 2010

hey ya


mnggu yg agk bz dlm hidop ak as student kt dlm u da mle trase..ak yg jrg or xprnh rse tercbar or stress pon da kne pnyakit tknan prasaan..leh gile woo...ngn assgnment yg blmbk..ngn presentation yg nk kne prepare ag....ish...TENSION!!!
make things worst bile lappy ksayangn ak kne hntar msuk workshop ak kne hdop tnpe khdiran die maybe about seBULAN!!!! siyes..ak rse cam cilake tol....

tpi dlm tension2 tu dpt gak ak mlpak kat Batu Pahat weekend...kikikikiki...smpat ag mlntak McD...
lyan movie jap kat pon ngah mncari konklusi ag...hahahahahaha

tpi ak dpat gak abeskan lyn cite yg da bleh dkatekn legend dlm dunia cite2 Korea....BOYS OVER FLOWER....ok..dlm hal ni ak lampy cket...bkn ap..time cite tgh hot kt mlaysia dulu..ak kat mtrix..konon sbok study r...agpon membe2 ak ckp cite ni x r best pon...tpi ntah cmne ak nk sgt pon berjaye mncari supplier..n bermulala DMAM GOO JUN PYO kt ak....tragis x ak???

so...ak pon tgh mnyembuhkan diri ak dri dmam tu...bkn ap ak rse cite tu sweet sbab kuat tol syg goo jun pyo tu kat geum jan di...mmg comey bile tgk llaki sengal cam goo jun pyo tu blaja bercinta...pastu kkawan die yg mmg baik gle...ak rse goo jun pyo untung..sbab kkawan die mmg thap baik pnye cipan r...

sbnarnye nk tulis dlm korean tpi xdpat nk pham translation kat google....hahahaha
so...BOYS OVER FLOWER je r..hahaha

ak pon tgh bz khatamkan novel2 yg dpinjam n dibeli oleh rum8 of them is another unique love story...hahahhaha
cite psal hdop pompuan yg ak rse amazing.....
cite die nk kte complicated tu x la sgt..tpi intresting sgt....

pompuan n llaki yg jdi best fren n get trough mcm2 bnda kat dlam hidop dorg...that guy yg slalu ad bile pompuan tu need someone n that girl yg mmg jdi supporter dlam hidop guy 2...dorg mlngkapi satu ame lain even dorg x bercinta....the problem is..dorg 2 org ni mmg ad msalah in love relationship dorg..llaki ni mmg dah lme nk ad ank n family..tpi die xde calon yg ssuai...pompuan ni plak mmg xnk ad family sbab die nk kuar gi mngmbara after die raise up adik2 die after mak die mati....tpi sbab ni nk wat impian llaki ni jadi knyataan, die snggup mengandung ank llaki ni..kire cam surrogate mom 9 month mcm2 bnde jdi kat frenship dorg..time tu r yg dorg da fall in love tpi dorg ssh nk express feeling dorg sbab msing2 tkut dikecewakan...n dorg rse dorg da pham dgn diri msing2...but at always..happy ending r....well tu la fiction..sume nye hepi ending.....

ni la buku tu...

well tu la xtvt ak slame bbrape mnggu ni....minus ngn ketak stabilan emosi ak lately ni..everything seems fine bgi ak.....