Thursday, May 19, 2016


jumpe benda ni kat FB..


jodoh tu misteri..ko pusing satu dunia pon sebab nak cari yang lain..kalau tu jodoh ko xkemane gak.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


stumble across this last night.

credit to Yard, written by DenaBahrin

it really depressing to admit the fact that you are not like anyone else. and there's a people who judge us like they are God.

it become more depressing for me now that my sister is married and its feel like a race for me.
just remember your words hurt. u don't know how much they are struggle to get pregnant. it's not because they are infertile , it is not their time yet.

pernah dulu masa baru kahwin kawan baik aku pernah pesan..

"jangan risau sangat..let the nature do their work..janji ngan aku jangan consume any product"

reason why she talk to me like this..because her sister had tried all sort of 'fertile product' just to get pregnant, thanks to all the 'medical opinion' from all sort of people who easily judge by the rule 

"dah setahun kawen, xkan xpregnant lagi.xsubur la tu"

n as the result..the product make her womb extremely fertile and she needs to undergo surgery or else she will get cancer.!! but..Allah did granted her wish..after 3years of marriage they get a healthy baby boy.

u never know guys. He knows best for you. doa yang baik2 utk dorang..bukan put the blame on us.

n for those who are so busy why i am not pregnant is my answer..


aren't we too cute to have a babies yet? :)

Thursday, May 5, 2016


ok.this month..kitorang dapat family baru!!!

yeah..dapat adik ipar baru..adik no 2 aku nak kawen.!
Alhamdulillah..sampai pon jodoh budak gemok tu.

so..sume orang tengah busy gile sebab nak setel kan sume benda..majlis kawen die 6&7 mei dalam 2-3 hari je lagi..aku rasa lagi nervous dari si gemok tu.haahaha

tapi sume nye ok je..seronok jugak..

gubahan ni idea PM tepi. :)